Three Thrones

by Three Thrones

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"These four pieces all display a true enthusiast’s feel for the melodic, rhythmic and textural elements that make a riff both compelling, and heavy as fuck... There are three pairs of hands on one sledgehammer here, driving musical meanings so far into the earth that they become a part of it. This is a sonically intense EP, with playing as solid as masonry, and dramatically involving compositions that are as emotionally generous as they are formally creative." - Oli Arditi (

"Three Thrones is a twisted album of heavy and catchy jams after jams after jams. The band progresses so many times in each song, you soon forget how the beginning of each track started as. The band doesn’t take itself too seriously either which sees the band taking song directions into unpredictable turns...'Three Thrones' is a monster. It’s as simple as that. Even if you’re only a little bit into doom or sludge metal, you’ll be a fool not to give this album a chance. I honestly can’t see these guys staying unsigned for long." - Rich at Metal Recusants (

"Three Thrones manage to get serious mileage out of each song by pretty much exhausting the dynamic range a mere three-piece instrumental band could – from delicate post-rock verse territory to glacially paced, punishing doom, this lot use everything in their power to maximum sonic effect....Three Thrones throw in a hundred ideas and mold them into a well ordered guide to riffing and textural diversity. Absolutely bang-on."
- Chris Moore at The Sleeping Sharman (

"You may start to think - Not another instrumental rock band. Does the world need another band like this. - Well my answer is - Hell Yeah we fucking do if they are great as Three Thrones...Look do yourself a favour - Head over to BandCamp and download this now. You may have just found your new favourite instrumental rock band...Awesome. Bring on the full length record...Excellent and Highly Recommended."
- Steve at The Sludgelord

"...a heavy trio of instrumental sludge with progressive leanings that will recall the thicker cannabis moments of their countrymen Electric Wizard...They have style and élan and some serious musical chops, there are enough signature changes and moments of interest that keeps them out of a potential drone and firmly in the doom of progressive reciprocity...“Fresh Prints” is a great opener and it is bountiful with its causticness and paranoid complexion. Righteous stuff."
- Abel Folgar at Florida Geek Scene

"Three Thrones rules. They riff, riff, and then they riff some fucking more. This instrumental threesome have created music that is simultaneously heavy and fun. The psychedelic passages pave the way for a rollicking good time, and these guys straight up sound like Mastodon on acid with an identity of their own. I can only imagine what their live show is like, but these guys deserve all the support that they can get."


released July 18, 2012

Written and Performed by Three Thrones
Recorded and Mixed by Paul David Rhodes
Produced by Paul David Rhodes and Three Thrones
Mastered by Neil 'Slaka' Attridge

This is the debut EP from Three Thrones. It was recorded between February 2012 and April 2012.

All artwork produced by Ian Neal of Three Thrones, photograph courtesy of Liz Mayes



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Three Thrones Colchester, UK

Riffs and Tubs since 2011.

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